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Hercules | Pinole | West Contra Costa County Business Network Events | Starting Tuesday, January 19, 2021⋅11:00am – 12:45pm

Tune in Monthly on the third Tuesday of every Month

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‪(US) +1 402-628-0106‬

PIN: ‪536 541 615‬#

We are hosting a new virtual business event for the local businesses, residents and community of West Contra Costa County. The Hercules Free Constitution Press monthly Business Networking event, will take place every 3rd Tuesday of each month. This is where you can learn about our local businesses, tiny, medium and big, and how we can support them. So if you are a business owner, entrepreneur, professional or have aspirations to be one or like good deals then you will want to be a participant to this novel format and event.

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The Business Networking Events is a forum where existing local businesses (Storefront, Web-based, Professionals, Franchisee's, Service) can "Showcase" their business by presenting to the community their entrepreneurial story. How you got inspired? How you got your start? How you built it up, or how you plan too. Your  biggest challenge and how you over came or faced it.

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The Pitch portion of The Business Networking Event is a forum where young or adult entrepreneurs, with new ideas for businesses (Storefront, Web-based, Professionals, Franchisee's, Service) can pitch their ideas to an audience using a pitch template and a strict time constraint of 5-7 minutes, with a 3-5 minute Q&A period. Moderators will help give you good feedback on your business in addition to helping "Showcase" your idea, to investors, service providers and potential customers.

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Who is the audience for The Business Networking Events? Well for starters the local community members will participate to learn more about the businesses in their towns and neighborhoods, they can buy goods and services locally to spur community growth & jobs. We hope job seekers will learn about jobs or businesses they can join or start to help get themselves going. We hope kids get inspired to be an entrepreneur. 

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We need sponsors and partners to help cultivate our small eco system of business growth and innovation. What can you contribute? Well time for one. If you are a professional, Lawyer, Accountant, Sales and Marketing, Guru and can offer resources, such as free and or discounted services to our local businesses and entrepreneurs, so they can get started right. Also for Investors small medium and large, as a way to help connect businesses with capital.

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Who is the Audience of the Hercules Free Constitution Press Business Networking Events? Well you are family, a friend, neighbor, potential customer, investor, curious onlooker, inspired youth, or looking to start your own business or to expand a business you already own. A strong business base underpins a striving community so if you want to support your community come learn about your local businesses. There is no need to register as an audience member, just subscribe or become a member of The Hercules Free Constitution Press to get updates or bookmark this page.

Showcase | Pitch Registration

To register as a for the West Contra Costa County Business Networking Events, please take the time to fill out the information below. Including a brief 100-200 word description of your business, idea or innovation as well as a picture or drawing, as much as you are willing to share to ensure your intellectual capital is safeguarded. Register only if you are a Business Owner | Entrepreneur | Sponsor | Partner.


If you want to be an audience member of the Business Networking Event you can subscribe or become a member of The Hercules Free Constitution Press, you will then receive time updates as the Event formats and dates are defined. 

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