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The Hercules Free Constitution Press

Updated: Jun 22, 2020

I believe political discourse to be an essential aspect of a well functioning Democracy, always fascinated by politics at an early age, I loved the debates, the back and forth, the cross-fire. In fact I was inspired by many political shows and personalties, like William F. Buckley, Tim Russert and more recently Charles Payne.

Sadly there is no real outlet today where a town can come forth and discuss issues as good careful citizens and caretakers of their neighborhoods, and while social media is effective for discourse it's too easy for a group of like minded individuals to band together and close themselves off to a good spirited debate.

Hence the need for a local political outlet, local, with local folks being a homeowner, business owner, renter, worker within out cities limits to be able to share their opinion, rant, cockamamie conspiracy theory or cogent one... within the group for all to commiserate with, flatter or avoid.

This is open to all, but it isn't a free for all, but their will be a lot of leniency and anyone has a say, provided it is respectful and doesnt reflect outright hate, or derogatory speech.

The tool will be a membership only so the forum, and membership will be viewable to members but not to the outside world. Essentially what happens in the "PHREE ZONE" (Pinole | Hercules | Rodeo-Crockett | El SobrantE) stays in the PHREE ZONE. That being said a certain aspect of decorum and dignity will be maintained.

The most important point to make is commentary is welcome, open and free. Respect the membership.

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