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Young Teens and Young Adults Learn to Sail

Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Hi all. I'm Capt. Bill. I am a life long sailor, and a USCG Master Licensed

Commercial Captain. I am currently an Instructor at the Treasure Island Sailing Center, here in SF. For myself, sailing is a metaphor for life. We owe so much of our vernacular to sailing phrases, like “All Aboard”, On Board, To Give A Wide Berth, Batten Down the Hatches, Down in the Doldrums, To be In Deep Water, Left High and Dry, Sink or Swim.

I believe there are great skills that you learn from sailing, like being resilient, staying the course, steady as she goes, leadership, crisis management, planning, foresight, navigating rough waters. The list goes on.

So I am looking to gauge the interest of a group of young adults and young teens to join me so that I can teach them how to sail. It will be classroom work (sailing terms, principles, a little physics, weather) practical work on the water, rudimentary navigation. As for the length of the program I am looking at ideally 4-6 three hour sessions over a month period.

To be honest, I’m more focused on the demand for such a thing and figuring out the needs of those interested before a complete picture of the program is laid out, and what we can achieve.

I will be volunteering my time, and the Treasure Island Sailing Center will be providing the facilities the boats and most equipment (i.e. Foul Weather gear, Life Jackets), and so forth. Again there will be a lot more detail to share when we know the size of the demand, and of course the timing particularly navigating the impact of Covid-19. It just maybe this doesn’t get started until the Fall, or it could be started in a couple of weeks.

This program is open to anyone who is 11-19 years old, however I am especially keen on drawing heavy participation from kids where cost might be an hindrance. There will be no cost for this for these kids. As for kids who might be in a better position we will have an idea of the costs when we get the size of the groups and their needs. Be assured cost will not be a barrier for anyone.

There will be an expectation of commitment and work to apply themselves as well as a serious approach. Yes and there will be fun:-) So if there is an interested young adult within your household circle that you believe will want to learn to sail, please email me the following information, your child/children's name, age/birth day, your name, address, phone number, email and your childs interest in sailing. Its ok if they are just trying it or don't know that is fine. I’m happy to answer your questions in the comments as well, but please email me at if you are or have a good candidate.

Latest Updates:

So far I have around 20 kids that are interested so I am pleased with that result, but let's keep them coming. If you are still interested it is not too late. I will be looking at defining the program and goals phase next week and then moving towards figuring out the program objectives and then working on the details of who and how, so stay tuned to this page, and check it every once in a while for updates. Also please enjoy the video made on the S/V Charm a 1800's Schooner we sailed to Maine in 2018.

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